Cedar Three Products, a split post and rail company, was established in 1999.  We are nestled in the picturesque Robson Valley located in the central interior of British Columbia in McBride.

​The wood fibre Cedar Three Products utilizes is Western Red Cedar that is dead standing, over mature, blown down, normally destined for slash burns.  This fibre is ideal for the value added industry of split cedar posts and rails, aswell as landscape mulch.

We have grown from hand splitting the product in 1999 to processing our product in a 10,000 square foot facility.  In the summer of 2002 Cedar Three Products expanded its facilty to allow for a sawmill to give more value to its product line and and to meet customer demand.  Also installed was a hammer hog mulching system that enables the company to sell its waste product as cedar landscape bedding.  This means we have 100% utilization of our wood fibre.

We have branched out to develop grape vine support systems for many organic vineyards in BC's Interior.  Also some of the most prestigious golf courses in BC and Alberta are using some of our unique products to enhance the beauty of their courses.​

Cedar Three Products' goal is to continue to create new and innovative value added products to our product line. We are driven to provide our customers with attractive environmentally safe, long lasting, quality Western Red Cedar post and rail and flower fencing products.

The Robson Valley