All of our post and rail fencing is handled and individually split, peeled, and shaped uniform to expose the natural color and grain.  Split cedar fencing is a great choice due to its durability, longevity, and low maintenance. 

Post and Rail


Cedar Mulch

Cedar bark mulch is the most aromatic ​and durable landscaping mulch on the market.  This mulch is ready-brown in color with a hint of orange.  While incredibly wind resistant it also has herbicide and anti-fungal properties.  The mulch has a great aroma and is well suited for treeand shrub beds.

Cedar Lumber

Cedar 3 Products produces planed and rough dimension lumber, timbers and beams.

Picnic Tables

To further our value added products, Cedar 3 Products now offers 12' and 14' gazebos, picnic tables, benches, and pyramid planters.

​Our Mission

We pride ourselves on producing  quality cedar products for nearly two decades.  And thats why "our customers come first"

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