Product Information

Post and Rail

Cedar 3 Products has been producing split cedar posts and rails as our main product since our inception in 1999.  We have been shipping our posts and rails throughout North America.  We are constantly creating new products for customers with specific applications such as golf courses.​

Cedar Mulch

In 2004, Cedar 3 Products installed a hammer hog mulching system that enabled the company to sell its waste product as Cedar Landscape Bedding.  Our mulch is sold bulk in walking floor vans​, 4 cubic yard bales and 4.4 cubic feet mini bales.  Cedar 3 Products is successfully utilizing 100% of the wood fibre, through mulch production.

Gazebos  Planters  Benches

In 2010 we began to produce 10' and 12' gazebo's on demand.  All the gazebo's are pre-assembled by our craftsmen to ensure quality, and then disassembled in panels and placed on pallets for delivery.  Since the disassembly is done in panels, this makes for easy reassembly by our customers.  All material is western red cedar produced in our facility.   Options such as doors, benches, planters and picnic tables are also available.

Cedar lumber

Cedar 3 Products produces planed and rough dimensional lumber, siding, fencing, S4S profiled interior lumber, and decking.  All of our product is #2 and better tight knot western red cedar.